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UD#88 The Magic of Triplets

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UD#88 The Magic of Triplets from Ukulele in the Dark with Guido Heistek   GETTING THE FEEL OF TRIPLETS As promised, this lesson we are looking at the triplet strum. The most common triplet strum has us playing three strums in the space of one beat. In other words we are strumming a “triplet” on one beat. I like to get people to clap triplets before we start to try to learn the strum. That way we can get the feel of it. Let’s do that.   Clapping Triplets First, let’s clap one triplet. Like this: 1  2  3 Now,   …Continue Reading

UD#87 Build It, Then You’ll Know

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UD#87 Build It, Then You’ll Know from Ukulele in the Dark with Guido Heistek   “THAT’S JUST LAZINESS!” I was very resistant to learning music theory when I was in my teens.  I thought that my time would be better spent learning to play my guitar. Besides, so many great players didn’t know theory.  I remember trying to make this case to one of my music teachers, and he said, “THAT’S JUST LAZINESS!” So much for getting him to buy in. My anti-theory stance continued until I went to music school, and I became very afraid of flunking. I spent   …Continue Reading

UD#86 Recording!

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UD#86 Recording! from Ukulele in the Dark with Guido Heistek   “Wow, it sounds a lot better than I expected!”   This was the pleased reaction of one of my students. We were getting ready for an upcoming student recital and she, like many of my students, had made a recording of her pieces as a final run through. She was pleased with the result. When I suggested making the recordings she, and many of the students, had been quite reluctant.   “Why record? Isn’t it better to not know how you sound? I hate the sound of my own   …Continue Reading