Alexander Technique for Strummers and Singers

Stiff neck? Gripping the uke too tight? Is it difficult to get comfortable when you are playing? This may be the workshop for you! Alexander Technique is a century-old system of self-awareness which is taught in many of the world’s top music schools, such as Juilliard and the Royal College of Music. The Technique can help musicians avoid injury and find the support they need in practice, performance and in everyday activities. Come see how mindfulness in movement can help free up expression and reduce strain. We will look at singing, strumming, fretting chords, holding the uke, playing sitting down, playing standing up and more! The workshop will be 75 minutes followed by a Q and A session.

*The workshop will be recorded so it can be viewed after the fact. A link will be sent out after the session.

Where: Zoom
When: April 23, 2PM PST
Cost: $20 CAD



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