UD#5: Scales, Intervals and Ukulele Ear Training

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UD#5  Scales, Intervals and Ukulele Ear Training

from Ukulele in the Dark w/ Guido Heistek



-The C Major Scale:

Here are two ways to play the C major scale on a ukulele:

1. Up the C string:
(the numbers tell you which frets to play)

2. Across the strings or in “open position”


The distances between the root note C (open C) and the other notes in the major scale are described by intervals.

The distance between C and D is called a Major Second interval.  (M2)
C to E is called a Major Third interval  (M3)
C to F is a Perfect Fourth interval (P4)
C to G is a Perfect Fifth interval  (P5)
C to A is a Major Sixth interval (M6)
C to B is a Major Seventh interval (M7)
C to C (on A string) is an Octave (P8)

Play and sing each of these intervals to get a feel each one’s unique character:

(You may need to widen your viewer window to see the whole image. Or you can drag the image onto your desktop and open it on your computer)


Being able to identify these intervals by ear is very useful. It allows the player to jump to a specific note in a scale or chord and know that it will be the right one!

Here is a game to help you practice:

• I play eight different intervals. See if you can figure out what they are!
• I always start with an open C note and then a note from the C scale.
• I play each interval twice
• It’s OK at first to use your ukulele to help you figure out what the intervals are.
• The long term goal of ear training is to learn to identify intervals, chords and scales without your instrument. We’ll talk more about this in future newsletters.
• Answers at the bottom of this page. Don’t peek!
• Have fun.

-More Practice

If you are interested in working on your ear training there are some fantastic free sites on the internet here are a few:




All for now!

See you next week!


1. C to F (P4) 2. C to B (M7) 3. C to G (P5) 4. C to C (P8) 5. C to D (M2) 6. C to A (M6) 7. C to E (M3) 8. C to B (M7)

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