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UD#103 Harmony of One: Chord Melody Backing!

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I love harmony singing and the richness that it creates. Sometimes when I am doing a song on my own, I miss that feeling: the feeing of two voices interacting. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with how to create a melodic interaction between the uke and the voice that can give a similar effect….

UD#7 PAPER STRUM (Strum-without-a-uke)

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UD#7 PAPER STRUM (Strum-without-a-uke)  from Ukulele in the Dark w/ Guido Heistek Learning to strum can be a little daunting especially if you have never played a strummed instrument before. There is a lot to consider: •What finger should I strum with on my right hand? Thumb? Index finger? Both? •How can I change between the chords and keep strumming? •How do I know which pattern to strum? •How can I strum and sing at the same time? I find that new players need a lot of experience with the simple act of keeping rhythm with their strumming hand. They   …Continue Reading