UD#107 The Great Race to the Melody Note

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UD#107 The Great Race to the Melody
from Ukulele in the Dark with Guido Heistek

When we play chord melody style, we play both the chords and melody of a song at the same time. We often use a simple thumb strum through the chord that finishes on the melody note. One of the challenges of this is getting the timing right between the chord notes and the melody note. That’s something that I would like to focus on in today’s lesson!

For that purpose, I’ve written a short ukulele piece. 

Here is a recording of the song we will look at today. It’s called “Ode To UD#107.” 


You may hear that there is a second uke part playing harmonics. I’ll include the tablature for the harmonics part below and we can focus on that next lesson. Today we’ll focus on the main chord melody part. Here is the tablature.


I made a little video about the timing of a the strum in chord melody. We practice starting the strum early so we can land on the melody note ON the beat instead of AFTER the beat. Hope it’s helpful.

That’s all for this lesson. I meant to include some mention of playing the chord with a finger-style roll, but I forgot! I’ll do harmonics next class and then the finger-style roll in a future lesson. Much to look forward to!

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