UD#49 Chord Melody: Christmas Don’t Be Late Solo Uke Arrangement

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Chord Melody: Christmas Don’t Be Late
Solo Uke Arrangement (UD#49)

from Ukulele in the Dark
w/ Guido Heistek

Today I want to teach you how to play this song! Please check out this video:

If you have never tried CHORD MELODY before, you might find this past lesson helpful:



There are two versions of the song for you to learn. Each version has an accompanying video. Both versions include the basic strumming chords, melody in music notation and tab, the words, and a chord melody arrangement in tab.









Here are a few notes and suggestions on how to work with the arrangements:

1. Learn to pick the melody.
2. Learn to strum the simple chords and sing the melody.

Doing these two things with give you a feel for the song which is essential when you are trying to build up a chord melody arrangement. It’s very important when playing chord melody arrangements to have a clear sense of which notes are the melody and which notes are the chords.

Also if you are just starting out you might encounter some bits in the CHORD MELODY arrangement that are too hard for you to play. When that happens just jump to playing the melody on it’s own. That way you can play the whole song through, either playing melody on it’s own or the chord melody. 

3. Learn the CHORD MELODY for VERSION 1 FIRST. Start simple, even if you are a more advanced player. It’s best to learn a simple version first and then add adornments and decoration. It’s important to have a solid foundation. The arrangement will likely make more sense to you if build it up from simple to complex. You are also more likely to retain what you have done.

4. ENJOY VERSION 2: If you find it too tricky then don’t worry. Go back to version 1, till you are ready.

5. Play the arrangement as an ensemble. One person can strum the chords. One person can pick the melody. One person can play the Chord Melody Version 1 or 2. Mix it up!

6. Make it a solo! If you are singing and strumming a song, Chord Melody is a wonderful way to insert an instrumental section in your arrangement. You can sing the whole song once then repeat but play the chord melody instead of singing. Trying experimenting with different arrangements. The options are endless.

7. Chords up the neck! The chord diagrams that are provided on the song sheets are the most basic versions of the chords. In the chord melody arrangement it is sometimes necessary to play the “up the neck” versions of the chords. More on this in the video tutorial for Version 1.

8. SUPER CHALLENGE! This is for more advance players. In the original version of this song it modulates from C to D the second time through. That means moving the whole arrangement up two frets. Give this a try!

9. BARITONE UKE. You may have noticed that in the video at the top of the page I am playing a baritone uke. I am using the same fingerings as the arrangements in this lesson but the song is in the key of G instead of C. This is because the baritone is tuned lower than a regular uke. More on that later!

Have fun with it!

All the best,


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