What People Are Saying

What people are saying…


Your lessons are fantastic!!!!  I am 70 and began teaching myself how to play the uke several years ago. I discovered your web site when you were around Lesson 12 and have copied and saved all of them in a Microsoft folder.  You have answered questions that I have had about music theory for all this time.  Your lessons unlock the door to understanding so many concepts.  I become so excited when I read along and I think -“Oh my God, he’s going to tell how to name the moveable chords, or I’m going to finally learn how to determine the chords in a Key!  You explain everything so well!!!  You also lend confidence.  I didn’t think that I could distinguish by hearing the chords in any song.  But when you listed what they would be, and I listened to you play them, I could figure it out!

 I did buy your Hear the Strum DVD several months ago from the Magic Fluke Company. I read the description on their web page and that may have led me to your great instructions.  I do think your theory eliminates so much frustration but I need to practice it more while listening to the DVD.  You certainly have a magnetizing personality, and I so enjoy your playing. 

 I have wanted to write to you to thank you for all the help I have gained from your lessons but couldn’t locate your e-mail address for awhile.

Sorry to be so late expressing my enormous appreciation for your Uke Lessons!  They are on the best on the internet!  And I would hope that you will at some point have them all published in a book.  Will write again.  Enjoy your summer!!” 

-Joyce, Pennsylvania


“Glad to get this and glad I put my name on your list. Lots of valuable info here worth my time and study”

-Bryan, Oregon


“Great.  And thank you for your excellent Ukulele in the Dark blog entries. They are concise and useful and great fun. Much appreciated by me and our uke group here.” 

-Patrick, Oregon


“I just want to express my appreciation for your wonderful tutorials! I am very grateful and amazed to find a wealth of information expressed in such clear detail. It will be an exciting journey to learn more with each lesson. What a gift you are sharing with the uke community!”

-Lois, California




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